Things Get Uncomfortable On ESPN’s ‘First Take’ After Will Cain Compares Antonio Brown To A ‘Suicide Bomber’, ‘Terrorist’



There have been plenty of hot takes in regards to the Antonio Brown-Steelers saga but ESPN’s Will Cain appears to have taken things to another level.

During yesterday’s episode of ‘First Take’ Cain compared Antonio Brown to a “suicide bomber’ for holding the Steelers “hostage” when he forced his way out of Pittsburgh. As you can see in the video everyone on the set was immediately uncomfortable with Cain’s language.

The Steelers were held hostage – 100 percent – by Antonio Brown’s contract desires … Make no mistake, Antonio Brown won. I recognize that,” Cain said. “…I mean I don’t want to be inflammatory here, but it’s like a suicide bomber. He was willing to take down the entire organization in order for his own individual benefit and it worked. The Steelers were just a pawn in this equation.”

“Teams will have to make a calculation that you just basically said, ‘we do not negotiate with terrorism – we will not do this. You can sit out, you can do what Le’Veon [Bell] did, but we’re not selling you for a third and a fifth.’ It’s the only way this Antonio Brown thing doesn’t become the model of the day.”

Of course Cain’s comments received plenty of criticism on Twitter.

Cain isn’t the only to attract hot takes over the Brown situation.

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