ESPN’s Bomani Jones Gets Into Heated Argument With Will Cain Over Bubba Wallace Situation

Bomani Jones went on The Will Cain Show on ESPN Radio to talk about the Bubba Wallace noose incident and things got a bit heated.

Today, was Cain’s final day a ESPN before he leaves for Fox News and Jones called into his show after watching Cain say Wallace was hurting race relations in America earlier in the day on First Take.

The two got into a 13-minute contentious debate about Bubba Wallace and race relations in the United States. During the debate, Jones felt he was angrier about the Confederate flag that flew over Talladega on Sunday than the noose situation that went down later in the day. Jones went on to commend NASCAR for looking into the noose incident because white people shouldn’t have gotten the benefit of the doubt that’s “not supported by the historical record.”

You can listen to the entire debate below.