ESPN’s Ed Werder Reacts To Getting Called Out By Deion Sanders During Press Conference

Deion Sanders

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ESPN’s Ed Werder is finally speaking out after getting called out by Deion Sanders.

On Saturday, after the Colorado Buffs’ big win against TCU, Sanders refused to answer Werder’s question until Werder said answered whether or not he believed in the team now that they’ve won a game.

“I read through all that bull junk you wrote? Do you believe?”

Werder appeared on the Dan Patrick show this week to discuss his viral moment with Sanders.

The veteran ESPN reporter says he was confused about being singled out because he doesn’t really cover college football and hasn’t written anything that would have annoyed Sanders.

“I really don’t know, I haven’t really been a writer in 30 years, I don’t’ really cover college football this was an exception, I asked him several times what did I write and he couldn’t really provide an example and the reason is, no such example exists, I’ve been television for the last 30 years, I’m almost exclusively a TV reporter”