Do You Think Evan Mathis And Tim Tebow Will Ever Talk About This Tweet Making Fun Of His Virginity?

I love Evan Mathis. Dude is a total stud on and off the field. He has been anointed a Bro King many times here at BroBible. But now that Tim Tebow is officially in a Philadelphia Eagles uniform, I wonder if he has any regrets about this tweet poking fun at Tim Teboew’s virginity.

Mathis hasn’t been attending voluntary team workouts and there’s some speculation about trades, though he’s still putting in work on Instagram. I have NO IDEA what the dynamic is like with Tebow in an NFL locker room, so I wonder what it’d be like between the two of them. Think Tebow would be cool and laugh about it? Or think it’d be more of a smug “don’t mock me” situation?

2015. The year Tebow has risen like a… phoenix. Let’s just leave all “risen” metaphors that involve Tebow with a phoenix.

We’ll see what happens.