Even Jonathan Martin Made Fun of LeBron James’ Cramps


As we’ve already covered, it was open season on LeBron James last night after he cramped up in the fourth quarter of Game 1. Twitter shots were fired from each and every direction — but our favorite has to be the one lobbed by Jonathan Martin. You’ll remember him from the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal starring Richie Incognito.

As you may suspect, Martin’s Gatorade joke was not universally loved by the social media community. Then again, what tweet is?

Some saw it as ironic, considering the offensive lineman walked away from his team. Others saw it as harmless. Another faction were completely oblivious to its existence.

Surely, YOU, valuable reader, have a hot take to share in the comments.

One thing we can all agree on is that Game 2 can’t come soon enough. The LeBron takes are rapidly expanding the hole in the ozone layer as we speak with no relief in sight.

[H/T: Shutdown Corner]