What If Every NBA Team Had A Soccer-Style Jersey?

by 4 years ago

celtics-nba-team-soccer-jerseys-250x400 hornets-nba-team-soccer-jerseys-250x400

What would it look like if NBA teams had soccer-style jerseys, complete with a corporate sponsored smacked right on the middle of the middle of the chest? That’s what graphic designer Emilio Sansolini imagined for all 30 NBA teams. Some are pretty sick and incorporate the sponsor rather organically (…. The Boston Celtics/Starbucks one, above, surprisingly doesn’t piss me off) while others look like a dumpster fire (…cough Utah Jazz).

Check the entire collection out at the link below.

PICS:  What If Every NBA Team Had A Soccer-Style Jersey? via Total Pro Sports:

thunder-nba-team-soccer-jerseys-250x400 lakers-nba-team-soccer-jerseys-250x400