Look How Jacked These Lifting Bros Were At Their Buddy’s Box Jump Record



These, these are good Bros. Let’s talk about how good these Bros are.

I guess you need to watch the video first.


That’s a sick box jump, but this boy’s boys are where it’s at. First, they are stoked for their buddy’s accomplishment, which is a super Bro thing to be.

Plus, they’re working out, which is like plus a million Bro points.

But it’s really the cut off tees and flows that get me. They know how to Bro.

Dope. And that flex? Sick. Flex.

As for the world record, that’s Jordan Kilganon jumping 75 inches. Damn. Is it a record like he says? Maybe. I don’t know. I’m not the pope of box jump.

[Via For The Win]