This Guy Is SO EXCITED To Meet a Man Who’s Definitely Not Pete Carroll

by 4 years ago

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I’ve done some really embarrassing stuff in my day. For example, earlier this afternoon I misspelled “Diary” as “Dairy,” which completely changes the context of this post. I felt like a pretty big dumbass afterwards.

But my little flub is nothing like this Seattle Seahawks fan who obviously has no idea what Pete Carroll looks like. Even worse, he’s so excited to meet a guy who doesn’t look like Pete Carroll at all. Makes me wonder if the guy was pretending to actually be Pete Carroll and this dude was the only dude gullible/ignorant enough to actually buy it.

We all have bad days. This guy’s bad day is just preserved in Internet infamy forever. I feel that embarrassment, Bro.



[H/T: SB Nation]

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