Ferrari Had Disaster Strike Again In Baku And Racing Twitter Isn’t Holding Back With The Jokes

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  • Ferrari is one of the most famous and successful race teams in Formula 1 history.
  • The storied race team has struggled in recent years but was expected to fight for a championship in 2022.
  • Race fans were ready to get these jokes off on Twitter after the team suffered yet another disaster in Sunday’s F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.
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Drive to Survive on Netflix has made Formula 1 racing immensely popular in the United States in recent years.

After recent F1 seasons featured battles between powerhouse teams Mercedes and Red Bull, the 2022 season looked to feature new a familiar challenger.

Ferrari is Formula 1’s oldest and most successful race team. Easily identified by their famed Ferrari red and prancing horse logo, the Scuderia have 15 drivers championships and 16 constructors titles since entering the sport in 1929.

With a new car design, new rules in place and a unique twin-turbo engine, Ferrari was identified as one of the teams to beat in 2022. Two wins in the first three races for young star Charles Leclerc seemed to indicate that the team was, in fact, back. Especially after troubles for last year’s champion Max Verstappen of Red Bull and seven-time champ Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes.

Ferrari Has Fallen Apart Of Late

Since then, however, things have fallen apart for the Scuderia.

Leclerc suffered a spin and finished just sixth at the team’s home race in Imola. He rebounded with a second-place finish at first ever Miami Grand Prix, but suffered another setback the following

week when he blew an engine while leading the Spanish Grand Prix.

Ferrari appeared to rebound when Leclerc took pole at his home Monaco Grand Prix, but bad weather and worse strategy took him from first in the race to a fourth-place finish.

Things only continued to spiral for Ferrari on Sunday morning. After Leclerc again took pole for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku, he lost the lead on lap one to Red Bull’s Sergio Perez. A quick strategy change looked to have Leclerc back in the hunt for the win. But then disaster struck once again.

Leclerc yet again blew and engine wild leading, ending his race. Earlier in the race Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz suffered the same fate while running fourth.

Racing Twitter Was Quick To Get Jokes Off

Though Ferrari has been historically successful, the team has been a bit of a laughing stock of late. Whether it’s mechanical failures or strategy mistakes or bad pit stops, the team always seems to find a way to trip over itself. This makes them the prime target of racing Twitter, who didn’t hold back.


Ferrari fans, of which this writer is one, were having less of a good time.

One day things will be fun again…maybe.