Fan Arrested After Being SOOO Drunk At Texas A&M Game, When He Thought He Was At Baylor Vs. Texas Tech

On October 3, Texas A&M hosted their game against Mississippi State at Kyle Field in College Station, Texas. On the same day, Baylor and Texas Tech played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

So many Texases, that one could get easily confused, especially if you’ve been pregaming hard as fuck all morning. That’s exactly what happened to this gentleman last Saturday.

The drunk fan showed up to the Mississippi State-Texas A&M game believing he was at AT&T Stadium for the Baylor-Texas Tech game. Mistakes happen, but the two stadiums are nearly three hours apart and approximately 187 miles away from each other!!!

If this poor kid’s day wasn’t already ruined, he was also arrested for public intoxication because he is only 18-years-old. Double-fucking-whammy!


It seems as though the Texas A&M University Police Department is a must follow on Twitter because the inebriated goodness just doesn’t end with the misguided fan.


Somebody get these kids some jalapeno bacon mac and cheese to sober these boys up!