Two Fans Dressed As Umpires During A Baseball Game, Hilarity Ensued

Man, sitting behind home plate during a baseball game sure is a lot of fun, isn’t it?

In addition to having, arguably, the best seat in the fucking house, it’s an ideal opportunity to make yourself famous by drawing attention to yourself for the TV cameras—which, in some dudes’ cases, isn’t always the best thing.

While a lot of homeys tend to get plastered, yell obscenities or just dance their ass off to get on TV or the Jumbotron, other fans are a little bit more creative with their tactics, thinking way outside the box in order to get spotted.

Take for instance, these guys during the San Francisco Giants-New York Mets game yesterday, who literally dressed up as umpires to steal the spotlight from the action that was taking place on the field, even getting the broadcast booth to spend a few minutes talking about them.

Although they weren’t the real boys in blue, these two held true to their uniform, calling balls and strikes and umpiring the game as if they really were one of the men on the field, mimicking every move of the real umps with each play.



Hell, these guys got so popular so fast that even the Giants’ team Twitter channel tracked them down to give them some love, making sure the Interwebs weren’t confused by umpires calling the game with hot dogs and beer in their hands.

So, for all of you guys who want to support the athletes during a game by wearing a fucking jersey or shirsey of your favorite player, maybe you should switch it up next time and go as something few would think of—like a ref, umpire or, fuck it, a mascot.

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