Fans Were Furious Over A Filthy Foul By Clemson’s David Collins That Got Him Tossed

Fans Were Furious Over A Filthy Foul By Clemson's David Collins

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  • Clemson guard David Collins was ejected from Thursday’s game against Duke for a foul that Coach Mike Krzyzewski would later call ‘dangerous’
  • Fans were furious and stunned by the dangerous play from Collins who ripped Duke’s Wendell Moore Jr. down on a breakaway dunk 8 feet in the air so he came down hard
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The Duke Blue Devils blew out Clemson on Thursday night (82-64) and an otherwise forgettable ACC game took over social media after a dangerous foul by David Collins. It’s rare to see everyone on Twitter supporting the Duke Blue Devils but after you see the filthy foul below you’ll understand why.

Clemson guard David Collins ripped down Duke’s Wendell Moore Jr. on a breakaway dunk. Wendell was probably eight feet in the air and came down in the court HARD after the foul that Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski later called ‘dangerous’, and that’s an understatement.

David Collins was ejected from the game for the foul and before he went to the locker room Clemson coach Brad Brownell brought him over to the Duke bench to apologize. He could be seen saying “that’s on me” to Coach K before hugging it out which is a weird end to this saga. And while Coach K appears to have accepted the apology, fans on Twitter were having none of it.

Fans Outraged Over Clemson’s David Collins’ Foul On Wendell Moore Jr.

It’s kind of a miracle that he wasn’t seriously injured. Every time I re-watch that video I’m amazed that he didn’t split his skull on the court.

Fans React To Foul In Duke-Clemson Game

After the game, David Collins shared a statement about his actions on Instagram

He’s young. This won’t define him if it doesn’t become a pattern. But if he commits another foul like that I doubt there will be forgiveness from fans.