College Basketball Fans Have Visceral Reactions To Terrifying Tattoo Of Mike Krzyzewski

Fans Have Visceral Reactions To Terrifying Tattoo Of Mike Krzyzewski

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Love him or loathe him, there’s really no argument to be had regarding how successful Mike Krzyzewski has been as the head coach of the Duke Blue Devils.

The 75-year-old coach has had a run like very few coaches in any sport.

1,202–367 record as a college basketball coach.
13 time ACC regular season champion.
15 time ACC Tournament champion.
101–30 in the NCAA Tournament.
13 times in the Final Four.
5 National Championships.
5 time Olympics gold medal winner.
2 time Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductee.

Heck, the guy was inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame in 2006! He’s been coaching Duke for 16 years SINCE HIS INDUCTION!

He’s also been inducted into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame, the FIBA Hall of Fame, the United States Military Academy Sports Hall of Fame, and the National Polish American Sports Hall of Fame.

Krzyzewski is a five-time ACC Coach of the Year, a three-time Naismith College Coach of the Year, and the basketball court at Duke University’s Cameron Indoor Stadium named “Coach K Court.”

So it is certainly understandable for Mike Krzyzewski to have just as many fans who love him and all he has accomplished as those who can’t stand (probably for many of these same reasons).

However… there should probably be limits to one’s fandom of a single human being.

For example, this Duke basketball fan who got a gigantic tattoo of Mike Krzyzewski’s head on his leg.

At least that is the prevailing sentiment by many people on Reddit and Twitter who were left aghast at the striking image of Coach K’s face.

College basketball fans had plenty to say about the giant tattoo of Mike Krzyzewski

“Honestly at first glance I thought it was Mike Huckabee,” one person commented.

“Dr. Evil was my first thought,” added another.

“I’m getting a big Alfred Hitchcock vibe from this tattoo myself,” someone else wrote.

“I’m going to f—ing puke,” read another comment.

“I can’t believe someone would do this to your poor uncle against his will. Is he pressing charges?” another asked.

“Just needs 3 wolves and *chef’s kiss*,” another commenter wrote.

And check this out, according to the person who posted the picture of the Coach K tattoo, “Apparently it’s not even finished!”

Twitter wasn’t any more kind.