Fans Tell Ball Boy To Sue Steph Curry After Pregame Trick Shot Goes Horribly Wrong

Steph Curry warms up for a game.

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Steph Curry is one of the greatest shooters in NBA history. The star guard is a two-time scoring champ, a two-time league MVP, and a four-time NBA champion.

He also ranks first all-time in three-point makes while also leading active players with a 91% career free throw percentage.

He’s become known for his ridiculous ability to put the ball in the basket, particularly from long distance, but he’s also gone viral for his pregame trick shots, too.

In fact, fans have created compilations of his pregame and practice catalog as he’s become the ultimate HORSE cheat code.

This past Saturday, however, one of his difficult trick shot attempts went horribly wrong.

Steph Curry tried to heave a full court rainmaker from beyond the baseline. That shot fell well short of its intended destination, smashing directly into the face of a Warriors ball boy under the net.

The failed attempt has now gone viral online.

Fans were quick to post reactions online. Many jokingly said the ball boy should seek legal action after taking a basketball to the dome.

One person said, “I would’ve fell on the floor and refused to get up until Steph wired $2M in my bank account.” Someone else wrote, “I assume the dude looking at his phone after that blast was him googling ‘personal injury lawyer.'”

All jokes aside, that shot to the head did look like it hurt.

Steph Curry was able to shake the pregame misfire, scoring a game-high 36 points in an overtime win. Hopefully, he gets the ball boy a gift of some sort as a way of saying sorry.