A Player From The Filipino U-17 National Team Blocked A Steph Curry Three Pointer

It’s been a long few months for Steph Curry. The guy lost the NBA Finals, had to deal with his wife having a mental breakdown on Twitter, released some ugly-ass shoes that look like the go-to footwear for stepdads everywhere who can’t accept the fact that their new wife’s son is gay and, finally, is getting stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey by 17 year-olds.

Steph is currently touring Asia and played a scrimmage against some teens in Taiwan. With seconds left in game, Curry had the ball was moseying down the court for what I assume he and the rest of the crowd accepted would be a game-winning three. Then some player on the Philippines’s U-17 National Team stepped up and swatted his shot.

Sure, that’s a pretty terrible angle, but it looks like a foul to me. I guess it did to everyone else as well, because they let Curry replay the final five seconds.

Not sure why he didn’t just take three foul shots but whatever. I kind of hope this kid was able to aptly describe who Curry was before this tweet went viral because if not, how are all the Filipino broads going to know that they should be hurling themselves at him? Sure, he fouled him, but you gotta get your hands dirty if you want to beat the top dog. Superstars know that. You can’t go up against an Average Joe and not expect them throw dirt in your eyes or take a bite out of your nose in order to gain an advantage. Winning’s winning. And if you gotta shovel a punch a cheap chin-shot in order to knock out the champ, you gotta do what you gotta do.