The ‘Fishing Wasted Championship’ Is Exactly What It Sounds Like — A Fishing Tourney Where You Get Drunk AF

The ‘Fishing Drunk Championship’ is exactly what it sounds like: a fishing tournament where the obstacle is to get unbelievably hammered all while catching fish. Actually, I’m fairly certain that the name of this tournament is something a lot more interesting, because this video clearly wasn’t filmed in the United States as it’s all subtitles. However, the fact that it wasn’t filmed in the United States almost makes it that much better…These men appear to be from Eastern Europe, possibly Russia, maybe even Quebec (I have no clue), and they go from 0 to 60 in no time. Truly, they’re getting crunked AF.

So while there wasn’t actually many fish caught we did get to see one dude fall in the water, which is always a plus. There was also that old man puking into a bucket, but it wasn’t that really graphic kind of vomit that makes me uneasy, it was more of an easy going, day-on-the-water vomit that I can sympathize with…because I’ve been known to drink in levels of excess from time to time.

All-in-all I’d say that I now have a new goal in life, and that goal is to either participate in the ‘Fishing Wasted Championship’ OR I need to host a ‘Fishing Wasted Championship’ myself. I’m thinking that I could get you bros to participate in this one, right? If I were to host the 1st Annual BroBible Fishing Wasted Invitational you’d be down, wouldn’t you?

[h/t r/fishing]

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