Insane 4K Drone Captures One Of The Most Amazing Sights In Fishing: Billions Of Baitfish Hounded By Predators

It’s been about a year since I last mentioned anything about the great Florida Fall Mullet Migration, one of the most impressive natural events in the wide world of fishing. Last year I showed you bros this clip of tarpon and sharks feasting on mullet with ease, filmed by the bros over at BlacktipH Fishing, and that footage still holds up as some of the most stunning fishing footage ever captured.

Well, the Fall mullet migration is already back in full swing as literally BILLIONS of these fish travel up Florida‘s East Coast in numbers so thick all you need to do is dip a net into the water. For those of you bros out there that know nothing about this event or mullet or saltwater fishing it’s important to recognize that nobody out there is fishing for mullet, they’re just secondary to all of the action. Mullet are considered a baitfish for larger species like tarpon, and they’re vegetarians so they’re basically impossible to catch without a net in the first place. What happens though is billions of these baitfish show up and along with them the apex predators. The sharks, tarpon (silver king), jacks, and every other gamefish you can really think of.

This annual Fall mullet migration leads to a spike in shark attacks, as we saw two weekends ago in New Smyrna Beach, Florida when three surfers were attacked by sharks in under two hours.

The bros over at BlacktipH (find them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) have a real knack for capturing fishing footage that’s more visually captivating than any other channel on YouTube, and this is right up there with their finest work. Let’s check out some stills/GIFs from that incredible footage above:

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