Florida Head Coach Dan Mullen Continues To Be A Farcical Showman, Chose Not To Use Vanderbilt’s Locker Room

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Florida football chose not to use the visitor’s locker rooms in Nashville prior to their matchup against Vanderbilt or at halftime. Head coach Dan Mullen’s team had its Week 4 matchup against LSU postponed due to a COVID-19 outbreak, and the team believes that the cluster was traced back to the locker room at Texas A&M the week prior. Saturday’s decision came as a precaution to limit the spread and avoid another potential issue with the virus.

Vandy is not highly-touted for its athletic prowess, particularly when it comes to football. The Commodores are crippled in recruiting when it comes to academic requirements, the boosters choose to spend their money elsewhere, and the facilities reflect that notion. Derek Mason’s program is known to have an extremely small visitor’s locker room in comparison to other programs across the SEC and it has been likened to jail. After LSU’s win over the home team in Tennessee last season, one Tiger was heard yelling “this some fucking prison shit in here.” Mullen determined that his team would not be using it at any point on Saturday.

While the precautionary measures are appreciated, and preventing the virus from spreading within the program, throughout the conference and around college football is important, Mullen continues to show how big of an asshole he really is. This move is the equivalent of showing up at a party in a shitty apartment, seeking out the host, telling the host that his apartment is shitty as if he/she can do something about it, and then proceeding to stay and party in the shitty apartment instead of leaving.

Florida has played three games since its postponement and all three were at home, so there were no issues. But the same man who has called for a full-capacity stadium in Gainesville is now complaining that a locker room isn’t socially distanced? The same man who was seen yelling face-to-face without a mask at Missouri players and coaches during a bench-clearing kerfuffle?

The same man who was dancing without a mask amongst his very close-quartered team after a win?

I’m not here to discuss COVID-19 protocol, how to prevent the spread, the death toll, the curve, etc. That is all above my pay grade. But choosing not to use a locker room because of its close quarters and instead having your players gather shoulder-to-shoulder by position group on the sideline is ludicrous.

Mullen continues to be one of college football’s biggest phonies and it doesn’t look like that is changing anytime soon.