Florida Man Drives Car Onto Golf Course, Does Donuts Before Ramming Into Golf Cart

Florida Man Drives Car Onto Golf Course, Does Donuts, Hits Golf Cart


  • A Florida man decided to go for a joy ride on a golf course.
  • Video shows him doing donuts on the golf course before ramming into a golf cart on the property.
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For some reason, people think it’s a good idea to drive their car onto a golf course and tear up the place. We see videos of morons driving onto courses year after year, and the latest involves a Florida man doing some donuts at a country club.

According to the Miami Herald, a man drove his car onto Palm Aire Country Club in Sarasota. He made the most of his time, too, as he did a number of donuts across the property.

After having his fun, the man was arrested after crashing into another golf cart and sending at least one person to the hospital.

A player on another hole was able to capture video of the incident. Right at the end of the clip, you can hear the car’s brakes screech before crashing into the cart.

As you’ll note in the tweet, the man apparently fought someone. It’s unclear if he fought someone at the clubhouse and decided to take out his anger by doing donuts on the course, or was fighting with someone he knew was playing golf. Either way, he made a horrible decision.

When it comes to people driving their cars onto golf courses, this is one of the tamest we’ve seen in terms of pure chaos.

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