Hole-In-One Photo Helps Police Track Down Florida Man Charged With Manslaughter Over Country Club Fight

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Golf has an uncanny ability to bring out the worst in people thanks to the inherently frustrating nature of a sport that’s supposed to be enjoyable but has a tendency to induce plenty of rage thanks to what you can find yourself subjected to over the course of a round.

While a lot of that anger is usually directed at an inanimate object in the form of a club that let you down or a ball that refuses to sit despite your constant pleading, there are also plenty of scenarios where it’s hard not to be frustrated by other people you encounter on the links.

In some cases, that tension can end up sparking some pretty wild altercations, and while most of them end up fizzling out without any serious repercussions, there have been some situations that have ended in tragedy.

That includes what transpired at Glenview Country Club in the Florida retirement community known as “The Villages” on June 28th, as an 87-year-old man named Dean Zook passed away around two weeks after he was hospitalized for a head injury police say he suffered when he was punched by another golfer whose car he’d hit in the parking lot.

According to The Washington Post, a detective examined surveillance footage in the hope of identifying someone who matched the description of Zook’s assailant and determined a man wearing the same outfit had purchased dinner at the clubhouse before tracking down the receipt for the meal that was paid for by Robert Moore.

The outlet reports the detective was able to get a better idea of what he looked like after searching his name on Google and finding an article a local publication had published after Moore hit a hole-in-one at a nearby golf course in 2022, which was apparently accompanied by a photo where was he wearing a similar outfit.

Law enforcement used that evidence to track down Moore before charging him with aggravated manslaughter on an elderly person, and he remains out of jail on a $30,000 bond ahead of an arraignment scheduled for September.

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