Florida House Bill Approves ‘UCF National Champions’ License Plate 113-0, Bama Fans Still Laughing

ucf football peach bowl

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The Florida House has been busy lately. Last week, they tackled whether or not porn is a public health crisis (they think it is) and after rejecting multiple gun safety measures in the wake of the Parkland shooting a contentious bill passed yesterday with a vote of 20-18.

Florida’s been just as divided, politically speaking, as every other state in the nation lately but every voting member on the floor of the Florida House came together in a show of unity in a bill that passed 113-0. That unanimously passed bill approves ‘UCF National Champions’ vanity license plates to be sold in the state of Florida after the Knights went undefeated in the 2017/2018 NCAA Football season (via Twitter):

Despite this bill passing, the UCF Knights National Champions plate won’t be the only National Champions vanity plate sold in Florida. Fans will also be able to buy Alabama (the actual champions) as well as Auburn or Georgia (via Twitter):

UCF players, coaches, and fans all think they were slighted. They believe they deserved a shot at the Alabama Crimson Tide, the team who actually won the National Championship. College Football has a rich history of multiple teams claiming the same championships but that was mostly before the advent of the BCS and now the College Football Playoffs. What UCF is doing is saying ‘we won the National Championship even though we weren’t even participating in the game’.

I’m happy for UCF fans that they got their Big 6 Bowl Win and they had an undefeated season but this joke has gone on for too long. Did they play in the National Championship? No. Therefore, they are not National Champions. End of story. When I see people driving around town (I live in Florida) with this license plate I fully expect the car’s spoiler to be taller than the car, for there to be a ‘Calvin Peeing on Alabama’ sticker on the bumper, and the driver to be drinking Mountain Dew.