Floridians Protest Gym Closures By Doing Push Ups & Squats Outside Courthouse And Unintentionally Prove They Don’t Actually Need Gyms To Work Out

WFLA News/Twitter

Florida has started to reopen the state slowly but some residents apparently don’t feel the state is moving fast enough for their liking.

On Monday the state allowed many businesses including barbershops, nail salons and restaurants (with restrictions) to reopen during their phase 1 plan for reopening Florida.

Gyms are set to reopen during phase 2 of the state’s plan “once the governor determines it is suitable to continue reopening and after fully considering medical data in consultation with state health officials.”

On Monday about 50-60 protesters showed up outside a courthouse in Clearwater and began doing push-ups and squats to protest gym closures in the state.

The protesters got immediately dunked on by the Internet for proving they didn’t actually don’t to go the gym to work out.