Bro Gets Entire Back Filled Up Of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Tattoos

Sports fans are the nuttiest motherfuckers on the planet, willing to do close to anything in order to prove that they’re the most dedicated and diehard supporter around.

Add this dude towards the top of that list, because he just got his entire back filled with ink to show his love for boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Getting a tat of your favorite athlete isn’t unheard of—there have been plenty of fans dumb or loyal enough to do it—but giving up the entire real estate on one’s back is fucking insane.

The coolest part of the new ink might be the fact that Money blasted it out on Instagram to give the guy some love, otherwise, I’ll just stick to wearing a t-shirt or jersey.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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