High School Football Player Does Multiple Backflips To Distract Opponent, It Works For Touchdown (Video)

Joey Acciardo Johnston High School Football Rhode Island Backflips Distraction Pilgrim Touchdown

Jo-Ann Acciardo

  • A Rhode Island high school ran one of the craziest plays that you will ever see on Thursday.
  • As a wide receiver goes in motion, he does multiple backflips to distract opponents and it works.
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Rhode Island high school football player Joey Acciardo has the entire internet flipping out. Acciardo, of Johnston High School, ran a wild distraction-based play during Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day game against Pilgrim and it worked.

On the goal-line play, Acciardo goes into motion before the snap. However, instead of just running across the field as he normally would, he busts into multiple handsprings.

While Acciardo causes a distraction, Johnston quarterback Hunter Remington is able to take the snap up the middle for a touchdown. It’s truly unlike any play to have come before and it is wild.

Acciardo is not just a crazy athletic wide receiver. He’s more than that.

Jo-Ann Acciardo, his mother, runs a dance academy in Rhode Island. Her son, Joey, trained at the academy before he ever picked up a football and has danced on stage with Justin Bieber, performed at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and auditioned for a TV show that is hosted by Jennifer Lopez.

His athleticism and dance background became a valuable asset for Johnston and Acciardo’s head coach, his father. Knowing that his son has an incredible tumbling ability, he installed a red-zone play with Acciardo flipping in motion.

The team ran the play earlier in the year but it was flagged by an overzealous referee. It was not flagged on Thursday and it became an important score in a 29-12 win.

As Acciardo started flipping, a Pilgrim linebacker is very clearly confused by what is happening, has no idea what is unfolding in front of him, fails in coverage, and allows the touchdown. Remarkable!