Former Arizona Cardinals Star Anquan Boldin’s Son Announces College Commitment

Former arizona cardinals star Anquan Boldin

Getty Image / Gene Lower

It has been a while since sports fans have heard the name Anquan Boldin as he hasn’t suited up for an NFL team since 2016.

That has finally changed.

This time around, it’s actually his son that is the one grabbing headlines.

Boldin Jr isn’t quite as highly-touted of a prospect as his father was when he was recruited, but he still managed to earn a spot with a pretty solid program in his sport.

Unlike his father, that sport happens to be basketball.

Earlier today, Boldin Jr announced that he had committed to play basketball for the Buffalo Bulls next season.

Interestingly, Boldin Sr actually has a connection of his own to the city of Buffalo, although it is one that is likely to not be remembered too fondly by some football fans.

At the end of his NFL career, Anquan Boldin signed a 1-year deal to join the Bills for the 2017 season. Two weeks after signing the contract, Boldin Sr decided to retire. He had a retirement ceremony a couple of months later with the Baltimore Ravens.

Boldin Jr will be hoping his career makes the people of Buffalo, NY a bit happier as he joins a program that has struggled to make it to the NCAA Tournament since they finished as a top 25 team in the country back in 2019.

Boldin Jr will be expected to have a much more straightforward college career than his father. Boldin Sr was recruited as a quarterback, but transitioned to receiver while at Florida State. Despite making the transition while in college, he was still able to work his way into the 2nd round of the NFL Draft.

Boldin Jr won’t be getting the same kind of attention out of the gate as his father did, but maybe he can put together a college career that competes with the former Florida State star’s.