Former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson Claims The NFL Rigged The Super Bowl For The Bucs Because Tom Brady Is Member Of Occult

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Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has had an absolutely bizarre post-NFL career on social media.

For the past few years, Johnson has gone on several unhinged rants accusing LeBron James of committing a blood sacrifice to win a championship, sharing bizarre conspiracy theories claiming the NFL and NBA have an “effeminate agenda” that’s being pushed by the Illuminati, and saying Kobe Bryant was a member of a satanic cult.

Johnson’s latest wild theory is about how the NFL rigged the Super Bowl for the Tampa Bay Bucs because several players are a part of an occult.

According to Johnson, Tom Brady, Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski are part of an occult and are using their star power to recruit people.

Johnson has absolutely lost his mind.