Former Florida Gators Player Tells Wild New Story About Playing For Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer Florida Gators

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Urban Meyer is one of the most polarizing coach in football history.

On one hand, Meyer was immensely successful at the college level, winning three national championships and putting countless players into the NFL.

On the other hand, he flopped like a fish out of water in the NFL and his Florida Gators teams left behind a rap sheet that would make Al Capone blush.

That last part is one of the subjects of Netflix’s Swamp King. The show is a four-part docuseries on Meyer’s time with the Gators from 2005 to 2010.

It was released on Tuesday and immediately made headlines.

One of those headlines came from a story shared by former Florida and NFL linebacker Brandon Siler.

Siler was a four-star recruit out of the Orlando area and was a starter on the Gators’ 2007 BCS National Championship team.

As he tells it, however, he had a bit of a drinking problem while in Gainesville.

“I drank (alcohol) a lot. I like to drink,” Siler said.

One day, Siler says Meyer called him into his office and told him know that he was going to talk to Siler’s parents about his behavior.

But that proved to be a mistake.

“My mom’s a character,” Siler told the show. “My step-dad, he had 13 gold teeth in his mouth (and) my mom got gold teeth in her mouth. They both got ten tattoos.”

“So they show up to campus, they’ve been drinking all day. And my mama says, ‘Meyers, listen. My son come here to win a national championship and go to the NFL. So if you ain’t here to do that, then you need to get out of the way. This ain’t Utah!”

Siler’s parents walked out after the conversation ended. Then Meyer hugged the linebacker and said the following…

“He (Meyer) says ‘come here.’ Gives me a hug and says ‘you just keep doing what you’re doing That’s the craziest set of parents I’ve ever met,” Siler states.