Ex-UFC Star Rachael Ostovich’s Revealing One-Piece Outfit Sends Social Media Into Frenzy

Rachael Ostovich

Jeff Bottari/Getty Image

In a world where social media trends often capture the attention of millions, former UFC flyweight contender Rachael Ostovich has managed to keep herself in the spotlight even after parting ways with the renowned mixed martial arts promotion.

While many fighters experience a decline in popularity once they leave the UFC, Ostovich’s recent social media posts have ignited a viral sensation that has brought her back into the limelight.

Having competed in the UFC from 2017 to 2020, Ostovich’s time in the promotion was met with mixed success. Despite securing a victory in her octagon debut by submitting Karine Gevorgyan, a series of subsequent losses to Montana De La Rosa, Paige VanZant, and Gina Mazany led to her departure from the UFC.

However, Ostovich demonstrated her resilience and combat skills by defeating VanZant in a bare-knuckle boxing event in 2021, further solidifying her reputation in the combat sports world.

Despite her transition away from the UFC, Ostovich has managed to maintain a significant following on Instagram, boasting an impressive 720,000 followers.

Recently, Ostovich set social media ablaze by sharing a series of photos on Instagram, accompanied by the caption, “I know they know the difference. Which pic should I make a shirt?! Let me know below.” The pictures showcased Ostovich posing in a revealing one-piece outfit, leaving little to the imagination.

As expected, her fans responded enthusiastically, with the post amassing over 16,000 likes at the time of writing and a plethora of compliments flooding the comments section.

It appears that Ostovich is seeking input from her followers to determine which of the four pictures she posted should be featured on a shirt.

In addition to this viral post, Ostovich has previously shared other captivating content on her Instagram account. One particularly memorable post featured an image of her delivering a powerful right hand to VanZant during their 2021 bout, garnering 129,000 likes.

Another popular post showcased Ostovich exuding confidence while posing in a Cowgirl Bathing Suit Outfit, amassing 16,000 likes.

While her time in the UFC may not have yielded the desired results in terms of victories, Rachael Ostovich’s social media presence has undoubtedly kept her in the public eye.

With her captivating posts and engaging with her loyal fan base, Ostovich continues to captivate audiences and showcase her unique style, demonstrating that her popularity extends far beyond her accomplishments in the octagon.