Formula 1 Practice Session Delayed As Giant Lizards Invade The Track In Singapore

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The 2023 Formula 1 season has been, admittedly, a bit of a snoozer.

Reigning world champion Max Verstappen has won 10 races in a row and is well on his way to winning his third drivers championship.

A new technical directive aimed at reducing the amount of flex allowed by front and rear wings could spice things up a bit.

But by in large, any impact made by those change won’t be felt until the 2024 season.

With all that said, Friday morning’s practice session ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix seemed largely uninteresting. But then wildlife got into the way.

Six years ago, Verstappen made a bit of F1 meme history when a massive monitor lizard crossed the Singapore street circuit mid-race.

He came on the radio and said “woah, there’s a giant lizard on the track. I’m not joking.”

Race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase came over the radio and responded “face to face with Godzilla then, mate?”

Well, seven years on, it appears that Godzilla has had himself a family. And they took over the track on Friday morning.

Not one. Not two. But three massive monitor lizards found their way onto the track to delay Friday’s free practice one.

“There’s a lizard again on the track. It’s a smaller one this time,” Verstappen yelled at one point

“Okay understood. Maybe Godzilla had a kid,” Lambiase responded.

“I mean it makes sense, Verstappen then said with a chuckle.

Ultimately, the lizards proved fortuitous for Ferrari. he legendary Italian team topped the time sheet with Charles Leclerc in first and teammate Carlos Sainz in second.

This comes after the duo finished third and fourth last time out in their home race in Monza.

Let’s just hope that this is the last time we see the wildlife on track and that it doesn’t interrupt Sunday’s race.