Former UFC Heavyweight Champ Francis Ngannou Finally Lands Big Money Deal With Surprise Company

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Francis Ngannou shocked the world when he up and left the UFC as the reigning heavyweight champion.

After all, the UFC is currently the largest mixed martial arts promotion on the planet.

But Ngannou had a plan.

He the left the company in January in search of a contract that he felt was worthy of the biggest star in fighting’s most famous division.

That deal didn’t come easy, and some even said he made a mistake by not re-signing with the UFC.

“The PFL, they’re on the table – they’re talking about it,” former UFC champ turned broadcaster Michael Bisping said on his YouTube channel. “But honestly, I don’t think PFL have the kind of money that Francis is asking for. For boxing, he wants $25 million. Reportedly with the UFC he would have been getting a minimum of $6 million dollars per fight, and it was a three-fight contract. He could have had the three fights by now, bagged at least $18 million and be a free agent and go off elsewhere. So I’m not criticizing Francis Ngannou. I’m just wondering who’s advising him.”

But Ngannou stayed the course. And it paid off.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that Ngannou had signed to the PFL (Professional Fighters League), and will have his first fight in 2024.

“Let’s just say, all-in my deal with P.F.L. is more than anyone else offered,” Ngannou told the Times of his deal.

The PFL launched just five years ago and was most notable for its tournament format where the winner took home $1 million at the end of each year.

It’s understood that Ngannou will take home far, far more than that each time he fights.

The news comes just four months after Jake Paul also signed with the promotion, making the PFL a credible threat to the juggernaut UFC.