Fred Smoot Said He Played With Several Gay Players, Everyone Knew And No One Cared

NFL Football

Former NFL cornerback Fred Smoot did a Reddit AMA on Monday and was asked about gay players in the league.

Q: Did you encounter any gay players?
A: yes. several.

Q: At the professional level? Was it a don’t ask don’t tell kind of thing, or did everybody on the team generally know?
A: everyone knew

Q: We’re they treated noticeably different? Or did nobody really care?
A: no one cares

Smoot’s revelation that he played with several gay players isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Many former players have said similar things since the issue rose to prominence with Michael Sam. But it’s the second part that’s more interesting.

Smoot saying that no one cared is refreshing to hear. It’s also not exactly accurate. If no one cared, Sam’s coming out wouldn’t be a story. In reality, gay players face blowback from players and front office personnel alike who see their inclusion as a distraction. Cough, cough, Tony Dungy.

[H/T: Fox Sports]