Free Diver Sets New World Record Swimming 170 Feet Below A Frozen Lake On A Single Breath

David Vencl free diving record in ice lake

Getty Image / MICHAL CIZEK / AFP

Free diver David Vencl of the Czech Republic has just captured his second Guinness World Record.

He first entered the record books in 2021 when he swam 265 feet underneath the icy surface of a frozen lake. It was one of the most surreal record-setting attempts ever filmed.

This time around, David Vencl went back in the ice.

He swam 170 feet below the surface of a frozen lake (52.1-meters) while holding a single breath. David Vencl retrieved a sticker from the dark depths of the frozen lake as proof that he’d made it all the way down there.

Here is David Vencl scoping out the diving site on the day of his free diving world record feat:

The free diving record-setting achievement took place at Lake Sils in Switzerland. According to Reuters, the lake temperatures were between 1-4 degrees Celsius or 33.8 F to 39.2 F.

He spent a total of 1 minute and 54 seconds under the ice to make it down to 170 feet and back.

David Vencl is no stranger to swimming in the ice.

In fact, his promoter Pavel Kalous told Reuters “There is nothing difficult for him to be in cold water… Lack of oxygen is something normal for him. But this was completely different because it’s really difficult to work with the pressure in your ears in cold water.”

If swimming in ice is hard to fathom, I might suggest watching Limitless with Chris Hemsworth. There is an episode that focuses on ice swimming.

There are also videos like this with 45 million+ views:

Most people would struggle with a simple ice plunge. David Vencl setting a new free diving record of 170 feet under a frozen lake is truly on another level.