FS1 Host Joy Taylor’s Coachella Outfit Causes A Stir

Joy Taylor on the set of speak FS1

Fox Sports

FS1 host Joy Taylor took a break from dishing out hot takes to hang out at Coachella.

Before the weekend, Taylor ripped into Ben Roethlisberger for criticizing Lamar Jackson’s play in the pocket.

“I am really tired of this conversation around Lamar Jackson. Can we please, I am begging you. Not even on behalf of Lamar Jackson, just as a person. Let’s come together and let’s throw these takes in the bonfire.”

“What the hell do you want? It’s like asking a woman what you want for dinner,”

Not long after ripping into Big Ben, Taylor made her way to Indio, California to take in Coachella.

While at the event, Taylor caused a bit of a stir with her outfit.

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