Video Shows Happiest Gambler In America Winning $1.2 Million Parlay After Georgia Beat Alabama

Video Shows Happiest Gambler In America Winning $1.2 Million Parlay After Georgia Beat Alabama

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  • The Georgia Bulldogs beat Alabama to win the 2022 College Football Playoff National Championship, UGA’s first natty in 41 years
  • The happiest sports gambler in America won $1.206 million when the Georgia moneyline hit after his $30K 5-leg parlay paid out and his reaction was caught on video
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Congratulations to the University of Georgia Bulldogs for winning their first National Championship since 1980. That 41-year stretch must’ve felt like it lasted a lifetime but they beat Nick Saban and Alabama and got that chip off their shoulder. One gambler by the name of Marco (@marco_parlay on Twitter) was the happiest Bulldogs fan in America when he cashed a parlay for $1.206 million after the Dawgs won.

Marco Piemonte aka Marco Parlay bet $30,000 on a 5-leg parlay that started with the NFL games and culminated with a $1,206,956.58 payday after Georiga beat Alabama. Video of him at the game with his friends shows that moment of catharsis as he celebrates winning over a million dollars on Monday night.

Gambler Wins $1.2 Million On Parlay When Georgia Beat Alabama

Ahead of the game, he could’ve cashed out for $624,565.65. On a $30,000 5-leg parlay. Instead, he chose to let it ride and it paid off with a $1.2 million win. Then throughout the game, the cash-out option fluctuated from $624K down to $594,780 after the first quarter but he held strong. As Georgia took the lead, the cash-out value steadily climbed until it was near a million.

Cash Out The Parlay Or Nah? Here’s How It Started

After the first quarter:

As time was winding down:

The congratulations on his huge win were rolling in from others.

Also, I’m just throwing this out there because I learned it yesterday. I had no idea that the University of Georgia ranks #2 all-time in Bowl Appearances with 59 (35-21-3). Alabama ranks #1 with 75 and they’re just ahead of Texas at 57 and Oklahoma at 55.