Gardner Minshew Gives Inside Look At The Bus He Has Lived In Since February That Is Now For Sale

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The Eagles are set to open training camp on July 27, 2022. As a result, Gardner Minshew will have to return to Philadelphia and has to give up his life on the road.

Since February, the 26-year-old quarterback has been living in a bus. And not just any bus, but a former prison inmate transfer bus that has been renovated and retrofitted for full-time living.

One might ask why a quarterback who will make $2.54 million this year is living in a bus, and the answer is simply because Minshew is Minshew and that’s what he wanted to do.

However, he must let it go. Minshew is returning to Philly for the 2022 season and has to return to conventional living.

As a result, Gardner Minshew’s bus is for sale.

In a four-minute and 22-second video that Minshew posted to Instagram, he provides an inside look at the bus. It features him talking and singing in a headband, jorts and sunglasses, as is per usual, and includes video from his offseason training regimen. Minshew has kept the bus parked outside of his training facility and has lived in it exclusively since February 20th.

After a three-week road trip at the end of the 2021 season, Minshew has been living in Florida while picking up “hippie tendencies” and living out a high school dream.

Equipped with an energy-efficient A/C unit, a cooktop and a fridge, the bus has 146,000 miles on it and is listed for $25,000. However, Minshew cares more about the bus going to a good home than the price.

Here is a full look at the incredible quasi-advertisement and announcement from Minshew, and of course, the bus that is now for purchase:

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