Whoops, Genie Bouchard Accidentally Posts Conversation In The Caption Of An Instagram Ad

genie bouchard posts conversation caption ad instagram

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We’re big fans of tennis star Genie Bouchard here, for many reasons. Among those are her tremendous personality. Remember when she roasted Maria Sharapova for doping after defeating her back in May? That was awesome. And remember back when she lost a Super Bowl bet to a random guy on Twitter and had to go on a date with him? And then there was her excellent Kim Kardashian Halloween costume. Yeah, she’s pretty cool.

She’s also pretty great at Instagram, and oh yeah, there was also that little thing she did earlier this year called the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Remember that? That was good too.

Speaking of Instagram, Genie Bouchard, like many athletes, occasionally posts ads from her sponsors on her account. You don’t even want to know how much money some of these athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo make for a single ad. Seriously, you really don’t. Anyway, unlike many athletes, however, on Tuesday Bouchard posted a conversation by accident right there in the caption of one of her ads.

genie bouchard accidentally posts conversation ad instagram

Genie Bouchard, Instagram

Love those comments.

She did eventually fix it, though there were still some A+ comments…


heyimmikey Damn I didn’t know toothpaste could make someone so good at yoga

Fortunately for her, she is far from the first athlete to make a mistake like this. Remember Markelle Fultz on Draft Day?


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