George Pickens Has Unbelievable Catch Against The Browns Shockingly Far Down His List Of Catches In His Career


Getty Image / Nick Cammett

The Pittsburgh Steelers may have lost to the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football last week, but that didn’t stop George Pickens from stealing the headlines in that game.

During the matchup with the Browns, Pickens made an unbelievable grab that had many football fans making comparisons to Odell Beckham Jr’s famous catch against the Dallas Cowboys.

Today, Pickens talked about his catch and revealed that he doesn’t even rank it in the top 5 catches he has ever made. Instead, it sits at 7th on his list.

George Pickens doesn’t even rank his catch against the Browns in his top 5

I made even crazier catches in college. When I caught the ball, I made crazier catches before, so I knew I caught it. It was just a fact of what the world thought about it. I saw their input on the internet.

According to Pickens, he made some better catches during his time at Georgia and fans haven’t even seen some of them, but he did allude to one on Youtube and it seems the internet has already figured out which catch he was talking.

UGA, practice for real. One is on YouTube, you will probably see it. A lot of them are undiscovered.

With how early in his career he is, we may see Pickens knock that catch against the Browns even further down his list before all is said and done.