Giants TE Darren Waller Reveals He Overdosed While In The NFL

Darren Waller

Rich Schultz/Getty Image

In a candid and personal interview, Giants tight end Darren Waller revealed the harrowing details of his past drug addiction, including an overdose in 2017 during his time in the NFL.

Waller, who has become a Pro-Bowl talent in the league, admitted that despite achieving his dream of playing in the NFL, he struggled with profound unhappiness.

He stated, “I thought that once I made it to the league, I’d be like, happy, like my life couldn’t get no better. That wasn’t the case.”, on the 2nd Wind Podcast.

During the interview, Waller disclosed the extent of his drug abuse, revealing that he would go out six nights a week, using various substances. He mentioned consuming “20-something beers” and “running through bottles,” painting a stark picture of his self-destructive behavior.

The tight end explained that his addiction left him unable to fully appreciate his NFL draft moment back in 2015 when he was selected in the sixth round by the Baltimore Ravens.

He confessed, “They’re gonna find out I’m a f—–g addict. Just on b——t. Most dudes are in tears, and it’s a great moment in their life, but I’m thinking ‘What’s gonna happen down the road?'”

Waller then recounted the frightening incident that occurred on August 11th, 2017 when he overdosed.

He described the surreal experience, saying, “I sat in the car; it was like I just laid my head back and woke up, and it was nighttime. I felt like it was daytime. Woke up in the nightmare, and I was like I sweated my whole body out.”

Waller’s willingness to open up about his struggles serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of addressing mental health and substance abuse issues in the sports world and beyond.