How Do You Get New York Giants Fan To Shut Up? Allow Bradley Cooper To Explain In New Eagles Hype Video

I’ve been giddy about this Sunday’s upcoming Eagles-Giants primetime game all week, especially after that cliche-ridden New York Giants “Filthadelphia” smack talk video. It’s pretty much a fact that the Philadelphia Eagles have the best damn hype video game in the NFL. The season hype video back in  actually got me a little choked up before making me run euphorically around my apartment my arms in the air like a madman.

In anticipation of Sunday’s Eagles-Giants game at The Linc, the Birds have released another video with a Bradley Cooper voiceover. Allow Bradley Cooper to perfectly explain how to get arrogant, windbag New York Giants fans to Shut. Up. once and for all.

Black Sunday. Broad Street vs. the greedy yuppies of Wall Street. Leesssssssssss goooooooooooooo.


E-A-G-L-E-S all day, baby.

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