Giants Fan Makes ‘Filthadelphia’ Video About Scumbag Philadelphia Eagles Fans In Anticipation Of Eagles-Giants

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan living in New York City, this one hits close to home. Eagles-Giants week is my favorite week on the NFL calendar, mostly because it gives proud, Yuengling-drinking Philly trash like myself a reason to hate on smug, arrogant New York Giants fans and their highfalutin attitudes about the so-called “Greatest City In the World” ($3300 a month for 500 square feet is “great”!). Sure, we haven’t had a lot to be proud of since we made it to the Super Bowl in 2004 (fuck you, Andy Reid/Donavan McNabb clock management skills), but fuck it — We’re fucking Eagles fans; Our skin is thick and we wear this shit on our sleeve.

Anyway, video-making person of the Internet Chuck Knoxx — creator of “the most epic #NYG videos on earth — fired some shots at Eagles Nation with this supercut making fun of Philadelphia Eagles fans. Yes, it’s set to the Rocky theme song and yes, they bring up the goddamn snowballs, which is a cliche so dead I can’t even eye-roll about it anymore, especially when fans of West Coast teams are guilty of far more sinister shit these days.

Depending your general knowledge of cheesesteak shops *not* named Pats, Genos, or Jims, you’ll either love it or it will make your blood boil. Let the 215 vs. 212 trash-talking begin.


I’ll just leave this here:


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