49ers Fan DESTROYS Another Fan With Brutal KO In Levi Stadium Bathroom, Possibly Gives Him Brain Damage



During Sunday’s 49ers game against the Chiefs at the multi-billion dollar Levi’s Stadium, a massive brawl broke out in a bathroom. An agitated San Francisco 49ers fan starts going after another fan, dropping him cold on the bathroom floor with a brutal KO to the head. The guy doesn’t appear to be conscious after the punch, lying lifeless on the stadium bathroom floor. According to the YouTube uploader, “First thing that happened when entering bathroom. All due to impatience for an open stall.” The title of the video suggests the man who was attacked might have brain damage and a news report claims two were rushed to the hospital. Let’s hope the suggestion of brain damage isn’t the case and the guy gets out OK.

Charges certainly have to be imminent for an assault like this, right? You betcha. Via:

Police say they arrested two men for felony assault.

Investigators say the attack happened in a bathroom in the 300 mezzanine section in the north side of the stadium.

The two male victims were taken to the hospital and a source tells ABC7 that the injuries to one of the victims are severe injuries to the head.

Let’s hope this scumbag gets a heaping plate of justice served to him in a court of law.

What a classless jackass. Philadelphia Eagles fans may have the worst rap for being douchebags in the NFL, but San Francisco 49ers have to be high on the list of the most violent fanbases in sports. Just a few weeks ago a bunch of Niners fans started a brawl at an Arizona Cardinals game. This is far from anything new, based off incidents like this and this and this and this in years past.

The bad behavior of West Coast NFL fan bases always makes me wonder why the hell the East Coast gets such a bad rap. Is it because we’re just brash, loud, and boastful in our territorial sports allegiances and not violent, ‘roided out of our skulls like West Coast fans?

Get your fanbase under control, San Francisco.

[H/T: Complex]

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