This Salary Cap Stat Shows The Giants Have Little To Work With Both On And Off The Field

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  • The New York Giants have the least amount of cap space in the NFL
  • Fans are wondering how that’s possible since the team didn’t have a Pro Bowler last year
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The New York Giants find themselves in a very undesirable situation.

The team appears to have very little to work with both on and off the field. Yes, first-round draft picks Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley have shown potential at times, but the team has failed to place a player in the Pro Bowl two of the last three seasons.

That includes last year when the Giants went just 4-13 to finish last in the NFC East.

The organization hasn’t recorded a winning season since the days of Eli Manning, falling well below .500 in each of the last five campaigns.

As a result, they’ve seen four different head coaches roam the sidelines over the last half decade.

Typically, when a team is playing poorly, it’s a result of having a bevy of young, inexpensive players on the roster. Just take a look at teams like the Jaguars and Broncos, who’ve used salary cap room to land huge additions this offseason following subpar performances.

But, unfortunately, that’s not the case in New York.

Not only do they have a disappointing roster, but they have also very little to work with on the market.

The Giants have the least amount of salary cap space in the NFL. Well below the Bills, 49ers, Titans, Patriots, Bucs, Raiders, and Cardinals.

The difference is, those other teams all made the playoffs last season. New York won four games.

Fans are not happy to see that the team has performed so poorly on the field while having no money to improve the roster.

Giants Fans React To Salary Cap Stat

Fans are livid at the Giants’ previous ownership for putting the team in this situation. The reaction on social media has not been kind to the Gettlemans.


Many are quick to point out that Daniel Jones, who plays at the league’s highest paid position, is still on a rookie contract. Yet, the Giants have squandered away millions on some downright awful contracts.

Of Gettleman’s 12 largest contracts given out in free agency, six were cut prior to finishing out their contracts.

It could be a tough few seasons in New York moving forward. We’ll see if the new management can find a way to pick up the pieces.