Giants Are ‘Nowhere Near’ What Quarterback Daniel Jones Is Asking For On New Contract

Daniel Jones

Vincent Alban/Getty Images

The New York Giants’ and quarterback Daniel Jones are currently in contract negotiations, and the two sides are reportedly “nowhere near” an agreement on the contract figures.

According to recent reporters¬†from NBC and ESPN Jones’ asking price on a new contract is $45 million per year. This figure would make Jones one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league. However, the Giants do not appear to be willing to meet this asking price, as they have a certain number in mind that they believe Jones is worth.

The Giants are reportedly “set on a certain number” in mind that they believe Daniel Jones should be paid. This number is lower than Jones’ asking price, which has created a stalemate in negotiations, according to ESPN reporter Dianna Russini. The team is likely hesitant to commit to such a high figure for a quarterback who has yet to constantly prove himself as an elite player in the league.

The Franchise Tag

If the two sides are unable to reach a deal, it is likely that the Giants will use the franchise tag on Daniel Jones. The franchise tag would pay Jones a one-year deal worth approximately $32 million. This would give the team more time to evaluate Jones and determine if he is worth the long-term investment.

Potential Implications

If the two sides are unable to reach a deal, it could create a difficult situation for both Jones and the Giants. Jones could become disgruntled if he feels undervalued by the team, which could affect his performance on the field.

However, if the Giants do pay Jones what he seeks and he does not live up to his asking price, the Giants could face criticism for overpaying for a quarterback who has not yet proven himself.

Daniel Jones set career high with 3,205 passing yards last season and scored 22 total TDs. Also adding over 700 yards rushing. Signing him to a long-term deal now would be banking on his continued development.