Why Forcing Ourselves To Go Through Hell Helps Us To Make Progress In All Aspects Of Life



When was the last time you put yourself through hell?

For me it was a few months ago, when I decided to go on an extremely strict diet. I had eaten like shit the entire holiday season, and as a result I was way too fluffy for my liking. So I spent six weeks on a hardcore diet, and got better because of it.

I work in fitness. I write about fitness. For better or worse, fitness is my life. With all of my clients that I work with we constantly talk about finding balance and making their fitness goals feasible without ruining their lifestyle.

But sometimes, you just need to say fuck moderation, let your balls hang, and embrace the suck.

This article is talking about fitness specifically, but it can be applied to all aspects of life. From work, school, relationships. You name it, and embracing the suck can do you some good.

We’re all about balance.

I really hate that the millennial generation gets shit on constantly. I don’t think we’re a bunch of fuck ups, and I think there are some really talented people in this generation. But I do think, at times, far too many of us are too concerned with balance. That can probably be said for society as a whole.

When you first start working out or dieting you’re probably going to get results. Typically without much real effort, because it’s such a change from what your body was used to.

In the beginning, you’ll adapt quickly, but at a certain point the improvement stops, and we’ve got to work more if we want to keep growing and improving.

This goes for damn near every ripped Instagram model you see.

They may all look fucking awesome, and they may even post pictures of them eating burgers and wings. But that isn’t the full story. They’ve spent years busting their ass and eating boring meals full of veggies that don’t taste good. They’ve spent countless hours grinding and putting in the work.

If fitness isn’t your thing, talk to any person who has built a successful business and now lives a life that seems like it’s full of leisure. I guarantee that person spent years working 70-80 hours a week, and is just now beginning to enjoy the fruits of their labor by living a life of balance.

The same goes with writers. Far too many people think that those of us who get paid to sit hunched over a keyboard were born with some ability to type better than others. That simply isn’t true. There’s a reason all writers think that they suck, because we all do.

The greats spent years honing their craft, for hours upon hours each day. Hemingway, Thompson, Vonnegut, and the list goes on. They all worked diligently, and have outstanding results to show for it. But that work wasn’t always fun.

Want results? You should embrace the suck.

I’m not down with being mediocre, bros. And neither should you. The last thing you should strive for in this life is to live as if you’re perfectly average.

If you want a body that other bros are envious of, you’re going to have to put in the work. It’s not going to be easy, and it’s not always going to be fun. You may even have to give up some foods you love for a while, or miss out on doing some things you really want to do.

Sure, going out and getting smashed every weekend is fun. I enjoy doing that most of the time. But I also recognize there’s value in being strict on myself. Obviously from a physical standpoint, but from a mental point as well.

If I can handle removing temptations and succeeding on a strict diet, then I can handle working long hours and advancing in my career.

It might be fitness where the struggle is happening, but it helps me grow in every aspect of life.

And it’s motivating as fuck.

There’s nothing like being hungry for more, because you see improvements being made. Like continually pushing to grow in fitness, business, and life. And sometimes to make those things happen you’ve got to throw up a middle finger to balance and fucking grind.

The issue is that’s a hell of a lot easier said than done.

Go out and find something you suck at bros. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be fitness. That’s just one minor example. Once you find that thing, embrace it. Suck spectacularly. Because once you do, you’ll be better because of it.