NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Shows Off Hypocrisy On Gambling

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

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Legalized sports gambling is already in plenty of states, and is expanding every year. The NFL, which was opposed to it for years, is now embracing gambling, with the commissioner claiming they had no choice.

The NFL obviously does not get to decide what the Supreme Court does, hence the Supreme Court striking down a federal sports gambling prohibition in 2018, leaving the issue up to the states.

Since then, 34 states and Washington DC have legalized sports gambling. This has changed how people watch and consume sports. Yes, people were using offshore books to bet, but at a much smaller scale than the volume legal books get now. Plus, now it makes sense for domestic gambling companies to flood the airwaves with commercials and sponsor segments. I’m sure we will see some in-game graphic on Sunday presented by FanDuel or DraftKings, as well.

NBC’s Mike Tirico addressed gambling with Roger Goodell in an interview that aired Thursday. Here’s what he had to say, according to ProFootballTalk.

“Are you comfortable with how the league is reconciling gambling as a business entity for some of the league right now, and players —10 of whom were suspended this year for gambling?” Tirico said. “Are you comfortable with where it sits right now in trying to protect the integrity of the game?

“Well, Mike, it’s one of the reasons we oppose legalized sports betting, because of the risk to the integrity of the game,” Goodell said. “And so that’s always going to be our number one priority. When the Supreme Court overruled that, we have to be in that space. And it’s actually helped us with trying to educate our fans, educate our personnel. This isn’t just about players. It affects every league employee, every club employee. And so it’s pretty simple. If you bet on the NFL and you’re a part of the NFL, you’ve got a problem.

I am in no way anti-sports gambling. I dabble from time-to-time. But, no, the NFL did not have to be in that space like they are now. Sure, people would be able to place bets on NFL action in certain states. But, there was no requirement for the NFL to allow gambling commercials or put gambling kiosks inside stadium. Don’t let the commissioner fool you. The NFL opposed sports gambling until they realized they could make a boatload of money on it. As soon as the money was there, they took it with no qualms.

Garrett Carr
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