Popular US Soccer Journalist Claims He Was Denied Entry To USMNT Game Because Of Dress Code Violation

Grant Wahl Claims He Was Denied USMNT Game Entry Because Of Shirt

Pixabay / Michal Jarmoluk

On just the second day of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar there have already been a handful of new global controversies. The biggest story over the weekend was Qatar reversed course at the last second and banned alcohol sales inside of stadiums despite previously agreeing to beer sales.

Then moments before England’s Three Lions faced Iran, FIFA announced anyone wearing ‘no discrimation’ armbands would be awarded a yellow card. If players receive two yellow cards they are disqualified for their team’s next game. And now we have a controversy with Grant Wahl ahead of the USMNT’s game against Wales.

Grant Wahl is one of the most popular soccer journalists in the United States and was previously a senior writer for Sports Illustrated. He has 837K+ followers on Twitter, writes an immensely popular Substack, and a New York Times best-selling author.

Ahead of the USMNT’s game against Wales, Grant Wahl tweeted out this photo. He claims security would not allow him into the stadium because of a dress code violation. This is due to Grant Wahl wearing a t-shirt with a ‘rainbow’ on it.

Here is his tweet/shirt:

Grant Wahl claims he was detained for half an hour and is now in the media center. He claims to still be wearing the shirt:

It isn’t clear if there is a message written anywhere on the shirt. All that is seen in the photo Grant Wahl tweeted is the rainbow over a soccer ball. He followed up his second tweet with ‘go gays’ and another rainbow to remove any confusion about the nature of his shirt.

Wahl’s tweet immediately went viral:

This will not happen:

It is a good thing someone mentioned the hat:

Qatari officials want everyone to abide by their rules. They’ve demonstrated zero wiggle room on welcoming a global audience with different customs and cultures. It’s their way or nothing.

I wonder if Grant is seeing all the hat comments. he and Bryson DeChambeau should hang out sometime…

As mentioned above, Grant Wahl stated he was detained for 30 minutes and is now in the stadium wearing the shirt. It is unclear if he was forced to change and then changed back. Or if someone honored his media badge and let him in wearing the shirt. I’m sure Grant will tweet about this again, and again, and again to keep everyone informed.