Fishermen Catch 13-Foot Great White Shark Off The Beach In Florida (Video)

great white shark close up

iStockphoto / Alessandro De Maddalena

For the second time in two years, Captain John McLean of Big John Shark Fishing Adventures has caught a great white shark while fishing from the beach in Florida.

Bigi John Shark Fishing Adventures went viral in March, 2021 after he caught a great white shark fishing from the sand in Pensacola during Spring Break. Footage of that miraculous catch went viral almost immediately.

Almost exactly two years later, Capt. John McLean has just caught another great white shark. This time it is a 13-foot shark that was caught using a “massive yellowfin tuna head” as bait.

The shark was hooked roughly 800 yards offshore and it took 6 people passing the fishing rod around to get the shark to shore.

Footage of the catch is going viral on YouTube. Two videos have been shared by the Big John Shark Fishing Adventures YouTube channel.

13-Foot Great White Shark Caught Fishing From The Beach In Florida

Here is additional footage that was uploaded after the first video went viral:

I’m not familiar with the specifics of Capt. McLean’s methods, but usually when fishing the bait is dropped out deep using either a drone or a boat/kayak. The rod is then brought back to shore. Some anglers also use kites to get the baits out deep and keep the bait on the surface.

In this instance, there is a kayak on the sand so they presumably used the ‘yak to bring the bait out deep. However, he also has a camera attached to a drone so it could’ve been aided by a drone as well, or they could be using the drone to scout fish and sharks in the area.

According to Fox News, it took the team of anglers an hour and seven minutes to reel in the great white shark. McLean says it was the second-longest fight of his career as a shark fishing guide.

Here is the great white shark caught by Capt. McLean in 2021 during Spring Break:

Despite catching two white sharks in two years, this truly is a once-in-a-lifetime catch for the anglers.

Pensacola offers unique beach fishing opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico because the water gets deep so fast. In Southwest Florida, anglers can go 20 miles offshore and still be in water that’s only 75 feet deep.

In the Florida Panhandle, the water gets deep a LOT faster, similar to Southeast Florida where offshore fishing is world-class. This enables beach fishermen to target species that inhabit deep water because they come closer to the beach.

Big John Shark Fishing Adventures specializes in this type of fishing. He creates custom shark fishing charters for people to catch massive sharks from the beach and he’s in the right place to do it.

Given that this is the second time in two years that he’s caught a great white shark while fishing from the beach, I expect business to be BOOMING going forward.

In addition to catching Great Whites, Capt. McLean regularly catches Dusky Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks, and other shark species.

For anyone out there seeking to book a charter like this, check out the Big John Shark Fishing Adventures’ website.