Fresh Off His Domestic Abuse Suspension, Greg Hardy Fires Off A Bizarre Comment About Tom Brady’s Wife

greg hardy

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys Defensive End Greg Hardy hasn’t made news since he built that school for poor children in Africa and donated to the Dallas Children’s Hospit–Oh nevermind, I think I got the wrong dude.

Dallas Cowboys Defensive End Greg Hardy hasn’t made news since he allegedly beat up his ex-girlfriend and threw her onto a pile of guns due to his jealousy over her short-lived relationship with rapper Nelly.

Hardy was found guilty and given a 10 game suspension by the NFL. However, since the victim didn’t show up to court, likely indicating a settlement, the prosecutors had to drop the case and Hardy’s suspension was reduced from 10 to four games.

Hardy is back playing football and back talking to the media so YAYYYY what a feel good story!! He took one of his first opportunities to speak with the media to make a strange, thirst-filled statement about this weekend’s opposing QB Tom Brady’s wife.

Hardy, of course, is talking about Gisele’s fraternal twin sister, Patricia, who, in his defense, is a cutie.



Hey Greg, I’m no PR guy but general self-awareness leads me to this conclusion: just shut the fuck up for a few weeks. Don’t speak. You beat the shit out of your girlfriend and walk back into the party looking for a cold brew, you can fucking earn it.

And granted, your comment wasn’t THAT thirsty, but the fact that you’re making news at all is a tough look. You can’t even have a widespread, safe opinion until the public believes you’re not a complete fuckhead. If a reporter asks you about ISIS, it’s probably even too divisive to say “With all due respect, I do not agree with ISIS’s policies and actions.” That’s too much. Lay low, man. Let us forget about your shoddy character so we can convince ourselves that you’re not a bad dude and root for you again one day. That’s what fans of professional sports do.

[h/t Complex]