Greg Long Was Just Named Big Wave Surfer Of The Year, This Highlight Reel Will Make You Pucker Your Starfish

The 2015-2016 Big Wave Tour is officially in the book, and legendary big wave surfer Greg Long from San Clemente, California has been named champion. Typically I wouldn’t think that someone being named champ of an obscure tour is news worthy, but this year’s Big Wave season saw record breaking swells. Surfers on the Big Wave Tour rode the faces of skyscrapers and lived to tell the tales, and after last weekend’s 2016 Eddie Aikau Invitational one of the most epic big wave seasons in history came to a close, with one man being named champ.

That bro, Greg Long is the same guy that I took surfing lessons from last September when I visited his hometown of San Clemente, California and drank Peligroso Tequila with him for 4 days. At that time he was coming off surgery on his meniscus and hadn’t ridden giants in quite some time, he was uncertain as to how he’d fare in the upcoming Big Wave Tour. Now that the results are in I hope he’s posted up on some tropical beach, partying his ass off, because he’s one of the nicest, most humble bros I’ve ever met.

The announcement that Greg Long is the 2015-2016 Big Wave Tour champion came with one of the most epic highlight reels I’ve ever seen, and you dudes reaaaalllllyyyyyy need to check this one out:

No shit, I’ve hiked mountains in upstate New York that were smaller than some of those waves he rode this year. The balls it takes (and level of insanity) to ride giants like that is something most of us will never truly grasp. Just look at this shit right here:

and this one right here…These are some champion waves:

So congrats to Greg Long from everyone here at BroBible on his big wave surfing championship season! Now let’s take a look back at some of his sickest waves of the year:


[h/t WSL YouTube]

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