Here’s A Little Story About The Time I Fell In Love With Tequila While Surfing In SoCal

by 4 years ago

Peligroso Tequla

A few weeks ago an email showed up in my inbox talking about Greg Long, one of the most decorated and accomplished big wave surfers in the history of the sport, and how he was now a brand ambassador for Peligroso Tequila. If any of you out there are reading this and I’ve ignored your emails in the past then take note of this: the quickest way to get me to read your email is to make it about fishing, surfing, and/or booze. So when I began skimming the email and saw that a pro athlete was endorsing a liquor brand obviously my interest was piqued.

What came next was in invitation to skip out of NYC for a few days and head on over to the Southern California where I’d be spending a few days fishing and surfing with Greg Long (Greg’s the only big wave surfer ever to win the Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational, the Maverick’s Surf Contest, and the Red Bull Big Wave Africa event, aka the Triple Crown of Big Wave Surfing) and Bruce Beach, co-founder of Peligroso Tequila (and avid surfer). These are some dudes you don’t really have to talk me into going to meet, these are the kind of people who have paved their ways through life by following their passions, and have seen success at every single step along the way. These are the kind of men who I seek out in the world for inspiration in my own life. Yet here I was, with a standing invitation to head on over to Orange Country to surf at the legendary Doheny State Beach, go offshore fishing for Yellowtail, and toss back the finest tequila on the market (all while skipping out on blogging for a few days). So I was in, obviously.


Peligroso Tequila

Now I get an asinine amount of brand pitches on a daily basis. Seriously, you’d go insane if you saw the amount of ‘Hey Cass, just wanted to tell you about a new…’ emails in my inbox. So I have a pretty damn thick shell when it comes to someone telling me why their brand/product is awesome, which is actually why I was so floored by the Peligroso Tequilas. Before I ever even tasted one of the Peligroso Tequila spirits I was already a believer, just from spending time with the company’s founders for a few days and listening to the stories of their lives, and how that translated into the launching of a tequila company.

The co-founder of Peligroso Tequila (Bruce Beach), the brand ambassador (Greg Long), these are men who have spent their entire lives surfing waves all up and down the Pacific coastline. In the winter they’d shoot on down to Baja in search of the next great wave, sleeping in VW buses and building fires on the beach when other kids were stuck in school. These are men who understand just what the f*ck it means to go on an adventure, and that’s something that resonates with me on every level. So when we sat down for our first Peligroso Tequila tasting it was pretty glorious to hear them tell firsthand the stories of going on down to the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico and seeking out the pure blue weber agave to distilll their magnificent tequila. With every sip of the Silver, the Reposado, the Añejo, and the Cinnamon you could get a sense of the years of work and passion that went into crafting such an exquisite tequila. I was hooked, I am hooked.

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